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Professor Virginia Dignum

We are very happy to announce our keynote speaker Professor Virginia Dignum!

Virginia Dignum is professor of Social and Ethical Artificial Intelligence at Umeå University, Sweden and the scientific director of WASP-HS, the Wallenberg Program on  Humanities and Society for AI, Autonomous Systems and Software.

She is a Fellow of the European Artificial Intelligence Association, and author of “Responsible Artificial Intelligence: developing and using AI in a responsible way” published in 2019.

Responsible AI: from principles to action

“Every day we see news about advances and the societal impact of AI.

AI is changing the way we work, live and solve challenges but concerns about fairness, transparency or privacy are also growing.

Ensuring an ethically aligned purpose is more than designing systems whose result can be trusted. It is about the way we design them, why we design them, and who is involved in designing them.

If we are to produce responsible trustworthy AI, we need to work towards technical and socio-legal initiatives and solutions which provide concretise instructions, tools, and other means of dictating, helping, and educating AI practitioners at aligning their systems with our societies’ principles and values.”

Virginia Dignum

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