Research funding in retail and wholesale

Funders of research relevant to retail and wholesale

To make it easier to find organizations that offer research funding for research in retail and wholesale, we have gathered some of the Swedish organizations that offer funding for retail and wholesale-related projects for you down below.

AFA Försäkring

Afa Försäkring supports research and development in the areas of environment and health and welcome applicants form different disciplines. Visit their website to read about their several open calls.


Formas supports research and innovation for sustainable development when it comes to environment, areal industries and sustainable community building. Annual open call open during the spring with several more specific calls during the year.


Forte supports research within health, working life and welfare. Some of their calls are annual, while other calls are carried out after a special decision.

Hakon Swenson Stiftelsen

Hakon Swenson Foundation support research, education and entrepreneurship in the consumer and retail area. They receives applications and processes them four times a year. Visit their website for more info.

The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council / Handelsrådet

The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council encourages researchers from different disciplines to apply for research funding for retail and wholesale that is of practical benefit to the industry. They have a annual open call and a couple for more junior researchers.


Vinnova supports research and projects that have the possibility to benefit society. They do so through a big variety of calls, so for those who are interested need to find a call that suits their project.